About Us

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, Pure Debt Solutions is one of the country’s premier authorities in Debt Settlement. Our members come from all walks of life and request our assistance from all over the country. Every consumers personal financial scenario and credit report is as unique as its owners fingerprint and for that reason we specialize in catering to each of our members particular situations and individual needs. Bringing together a group of experts in the fields Debt Negotiation and Settlement formed Pure Debt Solutions. Our teams of certified credit negotiators understand the burdens of high debt levels and how stressful it can be for people when faced with a financial hardship. PURE DEBT SOLUTIONS counselors adhere to strict policy and training programs and make it a personal goal to help ease the minds of everyone they speak with. Our full service debt management organization specializes in assisting indebted consumers to pay their unsecured debts and improve their overall credit profile through Debt Settlement. We are able to customize our programs to meet the needs of the consumer.

Our Services & Programs
Our first objective is to understand your situation and identify your goals. One of our certified Credit Counselors will first provide a free, in-depth evaluation and budget analyses to determine which program is best for you. We will then formulate a re-payment plan based specifically on your situation and provide you with all of the information necessary to get things started. Debt Settlement Program A Debt Settlement Programs is an aggressive and highly effective option for people who have found themselves in a financial hardship. The program is structured to include an affordable monthly payment and time frame designed to save you money. Our professional debt negotiators are very successful in working with your creditors to reduce your total debt. Typically, consumers can save up to 50% of their current total balances.

Awards and Accolades

  • AFCC Accredited Member
Code of Conduct

Pure Debt Solutions is an Accredited Member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) and agrees to its code of conduct and demonstrates the required business practices and standards required by the AFCC to display the AFCC seal. If you believe that Pure Debt Solutions is not complying with this, or any other aspect of our Code of Conduct, please let us know by visiting our Complaints page.