Timothy Li
Timothy Li Founder and CEO, Kuber Financial, MaxDecisions

Timothy Li started his career as an mathematical engineer at Intel Corporation where he was responsible for solving complex manufacturing capacity planning for Intel’s core CPU businesses.

He then spent the following 5 years at JPMorgan Chase in their Retail and Small Business Banking organization. He worked on most of Chase’s banking technology, credit risk and fraud detection technology. He was on the core tech team responsible for M&A activities with Washington Mutual, Bear Sterns and BNY Mellon Retail Banking. He has several technology patents with JPMorgan Chase.

Tim continued his career with FinTech/Marketplace Lenders such as Elevate Credit (3 years) where he managed all of the lending portfolio performance from Marketing to Credit Risk Management. He was responsible for Elevate’s US and UK portfolio. Elevate is one of the biggest sub-prime online lenders in the United States. It was Forbes’ most promising company in 2013 w/ $502 Million in Revenue

Tim continued his online lending career and built LoanDepot’s Personal Lending Platform. Served as Chief Information Officer for RealtyMogul.com and held various advisory positions at Kabbage, Prosper, RocketLoans. He also mentors various FinTech startups and teaches at the FinTech School in San Francisco.

Tim holds engineering, mathematics and business degrees from San Jose State University, University of Southern California and Harvard Business School.