Mark Bradbard
Mark Bradbard Managing Partner, Leadsconnection Inc.

Upon graduating college with a degree in Computer Science, in 1979, Mark gained employment with the Defense Contractor Grumman Aerospace, where he climbed the corporate ladder to manage a 47 person Software Engineering Department. In 2007, Mark Bradbard, formed a technology company, Leadsconnection Inc, along with his current business partner, Thomas Klersy.

Since the year 2000, Mark spent much of his time in the Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation industries. The knowledge obtained during this time is evident in Leadsconnection’s Debttrakker and Debt Manager 7 software solutions.

Mr. Bradbard keeps in constant contact with his customers, vendors and integrators alike. This allows Leadsconnection to keep on top of industry trends and be first to market with things like Sales Compliance Portals, Affiliate Portals, Investor Portals, Loan Vendor Portals and Client Portals, seamlessly in the product offering.

Mr. Bradbard welcomes you to visit the Leadsconnection booth and discuss your needs with us. You might just find out we are the best kept secret in the Debt Settlement Software industry.