Larry R Taylor, Ph.D.
Larry R Taylor, Ph.D. Director of R & D, Leo™

Larry has a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in Media Psychology. He has conducted digital behavior research with organizations such as Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Mayo Clinic and The Cleveland Clinic. Larry has extensive experience working at all levels of digital marketing including software engineering, A.I. based campaign design, the psychology of online behaviors, content development, and social network research. He has conducted extensive research in understanding online consumer behaviors and the methods needed to influence positive action.

Title of Presentation

How to triple your conversion rate by blending the power of artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

Marketing and sales has dramatically changed during the last decade. The most successful companies are creating and using digital marketing technologies to understand their audience in ways that were unattainable just a few years ago. We have moved from dialing for dollars to sophisticated, 24/7 digital interactions that focus on the mind and behaviors of prospects.

Learn how to humanize communication with systems that connect to your market and listens to your prospects.  The result is a deeper engagement with your audience and a brand-new way to build trust and drive more interest to your company.  It is smart, intuitive and flat out works. This approach works at the intersection of consumer psychology, marketing science, and technology.  New ways of managing and understanding prospects are here. Artificial Intelligence and the psychology of a fully online environment of attracting, converting and retaining customers is the way of the future. This presentation will address the changes needed in today’s business marketing to better understand and respond to consumers in the digital world.