Buffy Wicks  (Invited)
Buffy Wicks (Invited) East Bay, California State Assembly

Assembly Member Buffy Wicks represents the East Bay in the California State Assembly. Elected in 2018 and re-elected in 2020, her district spans the communities of Oakland to Richmond, and includes the City of Berkeley.

Asm. Wicks’ work in the Assembly focuses on housing, expanding the social safety net, protecting consumers’ privacy, and championing the rights of women and working families. Governor Gavin Newsom signed eight of her bills in her first year in office, and – despite the challenges brought on by the COVID pandemic – signed seven of her bills into law in 2020.

A lifelong community organizer, Asm. Wicks previously served on both of President Barack Obama’s campaigns, and worked for him in the White House. She lives in Oakland with her husband, Peter, and daughters, Jojo and Elly.