Revolving Credit Infographic November 2019

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Revolving Credit November 2019


With unemployment at historic lows and wages rising at 3% or better for the past 15 months, consumer confidence remains high, fueling the consumer’s appetite to take on more debt. At the end of 2019 Q3, Total Revolving Debt stood at $1.08 Trillion, up from $968 Billion in 2016 Q4; an increase of just under 37% from the post-crash lows of 2011. Revolving Credit grew at annual rate of 2 ½% with individuals 70+ years of age and older holding the largest share of revolving balances. Revolving Home Equity Lines of Credit reached an 11-year low, shedding 7 Billion in 2019 Q3. Personal Loans Balances exceeded $300 billion for the first time, with 11% of the US population holding one or more personal loans. While consumers continue to increase their debt burden, the number of consumers in collections dropped to under 9% for the first time since 2001.