Spring 2018 – Austin, TX

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Austin, TX
Spring 2018 – Austin, TX

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The Spring 2018 Conference was held April 15th and 16th at The Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX. AFCC President, Robby Birnbaum opened the conference, updating attendees about the latest news and regulatory issues affecting the industry. On Monday, attendees heard from a number of industry experts as well as the Office of the Texas Attorney General and the Texas Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner. Click the Read More button below to view the full agenda for the Spring 2018 Conference.

The conference started off with opening remarks from Robby Birnbaum, AFCC President, who addressed the standing room only crowd of attendees and new members and discussed recent regulatory issues facing the debt settlement industry and provided an update legislative lobbying activities being performed by the association. Attendees also heard from a number of industry leaders on topics ranging from technology, marketing, and compliance.

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Apr 15, 2018
  • agenda time 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

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  • agenda time 3:20 pm

    Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

    A Credit Scoring Model for Consumers in Debt Settlement That Gives Credit for Timely Trust Account Savings Deposits

    Consumers who are evaluating a debt relief program often cite a concern about the erosion of their credit score when evaluating the overall benefit of debt settlement services. Very few truly understand the myriad factors that go into calculating one’s credit score. While traditional credit bureaus model consumer scores using traditionally reported trade lines from credit accounts such as Mortgage, Credit Cards, Private Label Store Cards, Auto Loans and Personal Loans or Leases, this only tells part of the story of a consumer’s full payment history and ability to meet their monthly payment obligations.

    eCredable is a fully FCRA-compliant Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) which has developed a credit scoring model for consumers that considers the typical payments consumers make each month that traditional credit bureaus do not consider such as Rent, Water, Gas, Telephone, Cable, Satellite TV, Garbage Collection and now – Trust Account Savings Deposits as part of a Debt Settlement Program. These off-bureau payments help to illustrate a more complete picture of a consumer’s payment history, giving greater credit to a broader type of payment obligations consumers make each month. Consumers can also take advantage of a growing marketplace of lenders who recognize and underwrite various credit products exclusively using the eCredable credit scoring model.

    With direct integrations completed or underway with the major Trust Account Providers, consumers entering a debt settlement program can use the trust account payment as a new reporting tradeline to help rebuild their credit score after completing a debt settlement program and get back on their way to a higher credit score much sooner after graduating from debt settlement.

  • RCS: The Next Generation of SMS Marketing

    From compliance to conversion, learn from this 2 part presentation from the industry leaders in SMS on why your company should be leveraging this powerful tool.

  • Convert more leads to calls by talking TO your leads with SMS, instead of AT Them with a Call Center

  • Alternative Debt Settlement Markets

  • Tactics for Dealing with Difficult Creditors

  • agenda time 5:30 pm-7:30 pm

    AFCC Opening Cocktail Reception

Apr 16, 2018

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