Fall 2015 – Las Vegas, NV

Fall 2015 – Las Vegas


Fall 2015 – Las Vegas

Date : March 8 – 10, 2015

City: Las Vegas, Nevada

About the Event

The Fall 2015 AFCC Conference took place at the The Palms Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over 250 professionals in the debt settlement industry attended the 3-day conference to hear a packed agenda full of knowledgeable speakers on multiple aspects of the industry. Robby Birnbaum, AFCC President and a leading expert on debt settlement compliance and regulation, provided a timely update on what every attendee needs to know to run their business in a safe and compliant manner. Mr. Birnbaum reviewed the current status of state laws, consumer protections, the approaches and what to expect from the CFPB, FTC and state regulators. Mr. Birnbaum also addressed the latest licensing requirements for the industry and marketing practices and the compliance concerns around these practices.

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