Yarly Franco
Yarly Franco Senior Paralegal, Regulatory and State Licensing Greenspoon Marder

Yarly Franco is a Senior Paralegal who focuses on State Licensing for Debt Relief Providers. Ms. Franco works directly with Greenspoon Marder’s Partner, Robby H. Birnbaum in the Regulatory Compliance Department. She has been with the firm for over 13 years and prior to joining the firm, served as lead licensing paralegal with a large, nonprofit credit agency.
Ms. Franco is experienced with debt settlement and credit counseling licensing, contact center telemarketing licensing and Do Not Call registrations, along with a heavy emphasis on Lender, Loan Broker and Credit Services Organizations licensing. Ms. Franco has successfully led multiple nationwide licensing efforts to obtain lender and broker licensing for Marketplace Lenders and loan brokers who directly support debt relief providers.

Ms. Franco works on the team that assists multiple AFCC Member Companies and other debt relief providers with their state-by-state debt settlement, telemarketing and lender licensing for their associated loan broker and lending companies. In fact, Ms. Franco has likely assisted more debt settlement providers and their related lending and lead generation businesses in nationwide licensing than any other person in the country. In doing this challenging work, Ms. Franco has built excellent relationships with the various state agencies and regulators, along with a strong understanding of the surety bond, minimum capital, and financial experience requirements necessary to successfully meet state regulations. Ms. Franco tracks this information along with other state licensing requirements in summary reports that are provided to Greenspoon Marder clients.

Ms. Franco supports AFCC through presenting on licensing requirements at prior conferences, and assisting with general administration functions. In the past, she has presented on topics of interest in the industry such as new regulations, licensing process, and up-to-date information regarding state by state licensing requirements, disclosures, logistics, owner background requirements and costs.

Ms. Franco continues to work closely with state banking regulators, departments of finance and licensing regulation, Attorneys’ General Offices, Secretaries of State Offices and serves a key resource for Greenspoon Marder’s clients to meet their regulatory requirements and maintain compliant profitability.

Ms. Franco lives in Broward County, Florida, and is married with two daughters. She can be reached directly at Yarly.Franco@gmlaw.com.