Timothy Hernandez speaker
Timothy C Hernandez Founder and CEO Debt Settlement Info-Bank

Timothy C Hernandez is the founder and CEO of Debt Settlement Info-Bank, which is headquartered in Houston, Texas. DSI is the leading aggregator of debt settlement information and forging the way for our industry in ensuring data security and compliance for both our vertical and our customers.

Timothy has over 36 years of financial services experience where he has been fortunate to work within all aspects of collection and recovery, from issuer to attorney firm.

His career began at 17 years of age and has afforded him the opportunity to travel all ends of the United States while also working with groups who have owned and operated call centers around the world.

Timothy’s other passion is working with underprivileged children and charitable events.

He was born in New York City’s Lower Eastside to parents which were from Taino and Spanish descent.

Today, Timothy lives in Houston Texas, is a father of 6 and grandfather of 3.

Timothy’s motto – Relationships before business, which is the foundation in how he has grown his network and businesses.