Gary Zentner
Gary Zentner Board Advisor and investment partner Allerand Capital

Gary Zentner is a Board Advisor and investment partner of Allerand Capital, a private equity firm located in Jupiter, Florida. Mr. Zentner oversees Allerand’s debt settlement investment activities, which includes equity and debt investing, contract purchasing and management consulting. In June 2016, Mr. Zentner helped start Signature Servicing, LLC, a back-end debt settlement company.

In addition to his activities at Allerand Capital, Mr. Zentner provides consulting services to several Canadian entities making cross-border investments in the US. He is currently on the Board of Advisors for Pilot Mountain Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund out of New York.

Mr. Zentner began his career with The Chicago Corporation, where he worked on a variety of public and private corporate finance transactions, including debt offerings, equity offerings, and M&A. In 1996, Mr. Zentner moved from Chicago to New York and became the Managing Director of Deutsche Bank’s Strategic Equity Transactions Group. His expertise includes risk management and tax-advantaged investment strategies for high net worth individuals.

Mr. Zentner was born in Montreal, Canada. He holds a MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.