Safia Khan speaker
Safia Khan HR Director Call Center Pros

Having started on her career path with HR Administration in the Petrochemical industry Ms. Khan spent three years in customer service-centric roles, learning the importance of communication, collaboration, and teamwork for the business while studying at the University of Sutherland.

After acquiring her bachelor’s with a concentration in Human Resources and Management, Ms. Khan put her experience and knowledge to practice by having HR portfolios both in the public and private sectors in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the next ten years, she has helped shape those companies’ core employee programs, People, and then as Manager of Human Resources.

In 2021 she was appointed to the Director’s level, steering the execution of HR strategies and championing the transformation of HR into a function that proactively contributes to the achievement of key business results. She has a broad spectrum of knowledge about the outsourcing industry and works with international clients to bring business to Trinidad and Tobago.