Janneen Jackson speaker
Janneen Jackson VP Phillips & Cohen Associates, LTD

Janneen Jackson, recently joined Phillips & Cohen Associates, LTD. (PCA) as VP, Business Development, to introduce The Debt Settlement Registry to the Industry. The Debt Settlement Registry was built to make life easier and more efficient for our debt settlement partners, with no material change in file exchange routines or relationship with PCA. Benefits include immediate matching of active inventory, an improved offer and acceptance process, improved management of offer exceptions and counteroffers, immediate availability of settlement letters, and completion letters within 14 days of final payment, all at no cost to the debt settlement industry.

Prior to joining PCA, Ms. Jackson served as VP of Operations and VP of Business Relationships at Americor. Ms. Jackson has an intimate, hands-on, in-depth knowledge of the debt settlement industry and nearly 20 years of operational and executive experience.

Ms. Jackson intends to use her intimate knowledge of the debt settlement industry to educate and advance the partnership between both the debt settlement and ARM industries.