James Shanahan- speaker
James Shanahan CEO NexGen Financial

James Shanahan started his career in finance after graduating from The Anderson School of Business at UCLA with an MBA in 1999. He worked in money management at Roxbury Capital Management, where he was an analyst and Portfolio Manager of a $2 billion dollar small/mid cap portfolio for institutional investors and high net worth individuals.  After achieving above benchmark rates of return for his clients in the public marketplace, James decided to transition into private equity investing. He brought in outside investors and contributed much of his own capital to work to purchase a privately held electrical distribution business in Long Beach, CA. The company grew in revenue by over 800% under James Shanahan’s management and in 2016 the company was acquired by a strategic buyer from the East Coast who wanted to gain access to the California market.

Working in finance and evaluating unique opportunities to deploy capital led to James founding NexGen Financial in 2017. NexGen deploys capital in the debt settlement industry to provide working capital to companies to enable them to accelerate their growth and take market share in the industry. NexGen is continually looking for new partners to expand with and is currently growing revenue and net income greater than 500% annually. NexGen is forecasting continued expansion throughout 2022 and 2023 and is currently implementing all the regulatory and corporate governance requirements to pursue an Initial Public Offering in the future.