Kristie L Medlen
Kristie Bender Consultant Global Holdings

Kristie Bender consults for the partners of Global Holdings, LLC.  Her background includes 32 years of corporate leadership experience, 20 of which have been in the debt settlement industry holding positions such as Executive VP, CEO, and President.  She was a founding executive board member, Treasurer, and Committee Chair for The Association of Settlement Companies, (TASC) and was instrumental in drafting legislation favorable to and testifying on behalf of the industry as well as developing industry standards.

Kristie also worked within the finance industry for eleven years opening new branches in Colorado, Arizona, and California, initiating strategic planning, and managing over $318M on deposit with profit and loss responsibility.  Her responsibilities also included managing branches and business development teams, media planning, buying and creative work for broadcast advertising, facilitating lead generation, presentation, and sale closure processes.

She has also served as Executive Board Member to other companies and has performed independent consulting for business owners and operators.  Her experience encompasses sales, marketing, business development, as well as project and credit management.  Kristie is best known for her commitment to creating compliant, profitable and efficiently run companies.