Corey Butcher-profile
Corey Butcher Chairman and CEO Financial Freedom Group

Seeing friends and family struggling with their finances, Corey Butcher saw the need to empower and support consumers that were buried by debt. In 2006 Corey started Financial Freedom of America. He envisioned a company that would directly engage their clients’ creditors and negotiate a successful resolution. This would not only assist the client in expiring their credit card debt but also give them immediate relieve and peace of mind. Through the years Corey has built the reputation of building successful organizations. Financial Freedom Group is proof of this tract record.

Focused on providing many products to assist clients and consumers with their financial needs, FFG’s portfolio consists of companies to help clients in resolving their credit card debt through negotiation and consolidation services. Corey also has plans for FFG to add additional financial service to its portfolio that will include, card services, mortgage, auto lending, marketing services and consumer financial services.

Over the last 15+ years, Corey has served on multiple boards and currently sits on the board of Consumer Debt Relief Initiative (CDRI) as the Vice President. Corey has been a prominent leader in the debt resolution space where he has called for and promoted regulatory reform. Back in 2008 he co-authored the amendments for the Uniform Debt Management Services Act (UDMSA) that has since been adopted in some from by more than 10 states across the country. Corey continues to play an active role on the regulatory side as he is actively working with the governance committee of CDRI and AFCC’s Standards committee to produce a new bill. The goal of the new bill is to further enhance consumer protections and provide a clear horizon for operators in the debt resolution industry. Through Corey’s many accomplishments he has received many awards and recognition from his peers. Corey studied at Southern Methodist University.