Angelo Anzalone
Angelo Anzalone founder and President Veritas Legal Plan

Angelo Anzalone is the founder and President of Veritas Legal Plan.  The Debt Relief Industries leading provider of creditor defense and consumer protection monitoring services created to provide unlimited legal protection to consumers struggling with unsecured debt for a low monthly fee.

Angelo started in the Debt Relief Industry in 2006 when he created one of the industry’s first performance model debt relief companies 4 years before the FTC’s no advance fee regulations.

Recognizing the opportunity to provide a compliant level playing field for performance based companies, Angelo created the only Prepaid Legal Service Plan that specializes in helping consumers struggling with unsecured debts.  The key to Veritas Legal Plan’s success is due in part to its nationwide network of handpicked attorneys who work with Debt Relief Companies while defending creditor lawsuits.

Working with many of the nation’s top performance model companies since 2011 and affording coverage to over 10,000 consumers, Veritas Legal Plan has become the largest provider of consumer protection services in the industry and remains committed to providing excellent care to its members, Debt Relief Companies and network attorneys.

Angelo will be speaking about how Performance Model Settlement Companies can stand above their competitors by offering full legal protection against lawsuits, earn additional residual revenue and discuss the latest enhancements to the “Consumer Protection Monitoring Service” component of the Legal Plan.